domenica 27 marzo 2011

Stupid Dream

The dust in my soul makes me feel awake in my legs,
and it's a quite life that leaks from my head.
So I got all these things, but so what?
Eyes closed, and the rest will flow..

All my thoughts are like coal,
each seconds seems like a lifetime.
All of my plans compromised,
I should have sold out when the devil came for me.

Train set and match spied under the blind,
I'm sending you a letter because I don't think there's much time.
Water so warm that day, I counted out the wawes,
scars in the country, the summer and...her...

My friend says he wants to die,
trying to forget even your name and the way that you look
We lost the skyline,
I simply am not here, no way, I...

I never wanna be old,
waiting to be born again.
And I have a stupid dream,
wish I was old and a little sentimental..

I'm a shade, and easy to ignore...

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